Are you looking to set up IPTV on Perfect Player? You’re not alone. With the rapid evolution of television technology, many are turning to internet-based TV for flexibility and a vast choice of channels.

Perfect Player, with its intuitive interface and compatibility across devices, stands out as a top pick in the IPTV world.

In this guide, we’ll unpack everything you need to know, from installation to customization. So, whether you’re a newbie or an avid streamer, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started!

How to install Perfect Player?

Perfect Player is available on various devices. Here’s how you can install it:

Android Devices

Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or TV box, if it’s running Android, here’s what you do:

  1. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your device.
  2. Search for “Perfect Player”. It can be identified by its distinctive blue-green logo, crafted by Niklabs Software.
  3. Once you locate it, simply click on the “Install” button.

Amazon Fire Devices

The world of Amazon Fire is a bit more intricate. Here’s a breakdown:

Fire TV/Stick (1st and 2nd Gen)

Though Amazon’s app store no longer houses Perfect Player, a neat trick using Android devices can help:

  1. On your Android gadget, fetch “Perfect Player” and “Apps2Fire” from the Play Store.
  2. Switch on your Fire TV, drift to settings → device → developer options, and activate “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB Debugging”.
  3. Document the IP address mentioned in the “About” section.
  4. Fire up Apps2Fire on Android, go to “Setup”, and enter the Fire TV’s IP address.
  5. Pick “Local Apps”, locate Perfect Player, and send it to install. It’ll appear on your Fire TV in no time.

Fire TV/Stick (3rd Gen)

The 3rd Gen Fire TV/Stick has its quirks, but don’t worry:

  1. On your Android device, procure “Perfect Player” and “MyAppSharer”.
  2. Fire up MyAppSharer, spot Perfect Player, and select it.
  3. Use MyAppSharer to form an apk file for Perfect Player, seen as the chain-link symbol.
  4. Relay this apk file to yourself via email or directly to an SD card.
  5. Save this apk to your computer.
  6. Join your Fire TV/Stick to the PC using its USB. Upon detection, drag the apk file over.
  7. Reconnect Fire TV to your TV. Ensure “Apps from Unknown Sources” and “ADB Debugging” are active within settings.
  8. Fetch and launch “ES File Explorer” on Fire TV.
  9. Steer to the apk’s location, tap, and opt to install. And just like that, Perfect Player graces your screen.

Other Devices

For non-Android and Amazon devices, you’d need to keep an eye on the respective app stores or official websites for any future releases or compatible versions of Perfect Player.

With Perfect Player installed, you’re all set to delve into the expansive world of IPTV. Enjoy the seamless streaming experience!

How to set up Perfect Player?

After successfully installing Perfect Player on your device, the next logical step is setting it up. This involves incorporating your IPTV links, playlists, or the crucial M3U URL. Let’s navigate this process step by step.

Gathering Your IPTV Service Details

After successfully installing Perfect Player, it’s time to set it up. Primarily, you’ll need the M3U URL from your IPTV service, which links you to your channels. If your service provides an Electronic Program Guide (EPG), grab its URL too. However, if there’s no EPG, just focus on the M3U URL. Now, let’s dive into the setup process.

Configuring Perfect Player

With your IPTV details in hand, fire up Perfect Player:

  1. Accessing Settings: On the main screen, you’ll spot familiar controls like play and stop buttons. Glide your cursor or navigate to the far right until the gear (settings) icon is highlighted. Tapping this icon will usher you into the settings arena.
  2. Incorporating M3U URL: Within settings, you’ll need to input your M3U URL. This action ensures that Perfect Player populates with the channels and content specific to your IPTV service.
  3. Adding EPG (If Available): If you managed to locate an EPG URL from your IPTV provider, this is the time to plug it in. Doing so will furnish you with a comprehensive program guide for your channels, enhancing your viewing experience.

With the M3U (and possibly EPG) URL integrated, Perfect Player transforms into your personalized IPTV streaming hub. As you explore, remember that the heart of the experience lies in the rich content that IPTV offers. Enjoy the digital entertainment revolution!

How to use IPTV on Perfect Player?

Create your own IPTV channel list

  1. Under settings, navigate to “General”.
  2. Add your M3U playlist URL. This is usually provided by your IPTV service provider.
  3. Save and restart Perfect Player. Your channels will be displayed.

View EPG guide on Perfect Player

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Navigate to “EPG”.
  3. Enter your EPG URL (provided by your IPTV service provider).
  4. Save and return to the main screen. The program guide will now be displayed alongside channels.

Add channels to “Favourites” on Perfect Player

  1. Navigate to your desired channel.
  2. Press and hold the channel name.
  3. From the pop-up menu, select “Add to Favourites”.
  4. Your chosen channel will now appear in the Favourites section for quick access.

How to solve Perfect Player Connectivity issues?

Experiencing issues while streaming? Follow these steps to troubleshoot connectivity problems in Perfect Player:

  1. Access Channel Options: Press and hold on any channel to bring up a pop-up menu.
  2. Navigate to Main Menu: From this pop-up, select “Main Menu” at the top.
  3. Go to Settings: Click on the “cog” icon at the upper right corner to access settings.
  4. Move to Playback Settings: Inside settings, select the “Playback” option.
  5. Tweak Buffer Size: Here, click on “Buffer size” to adjust as necessary.

If problems persist after these steps:

  • Ensure your internet connection is stable.
  • Double-check the M3U playlist and EPG URL for inaccuracies.
  • Clear the app’s cache and stored data.
  • Lastly, reach out to your IPTV service provider for further assistance.

What devices are compatible with Perfect Player?

Perfect Player is versatile and is compatible with a plethora of devices including:

  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick
  • Android TV Boxes
  • Windows PC (using an emulator)

Best Perfect Player alternatives

Here are some of the top alternatives to Perfect Player for IPTV users:


  • Overview: An open-source media player software that supports numerous plugins, including IPTV ones.
  • Advantages: Highly customizable, supports a wide array of add-ons, and is compatible with many devices and platforms.
  • Considerations: Some regions might have legal restrictions regarding the use of specific Kodi add-ons.

VLC Media Player:

  • Overview: While VLC is commonly known as a video player, it also supports streaming including IPTV through m3u playlists.
  • Advantages: Simple to use, lightweight, and available for nearly all platforms including mobile and desktop.
  • Considerations: While it’s versatile, it might not offer as comprehensive an IPTV experience as specialized apps.


  • Overview: A user-friendly IPTV player that is compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Advantages: Provides features like EPG, parental control, and dynamic language switching.
  • Considerations: The user interface might seem a tad dated compared to newer apps.

OTT Navigator IPTV:

  • Overview: A modern IPTV player that offers an elegant interface and robust performance.
  • Advantages: It supports a vast number of IPTV formats and provides a premium viewing experience with its sleek UI.
  • Considerations: Some advanced features might be locked behind a paywall.

IPTV Smarters Pro:

  • Overview: A feature-rich IPTV player designed for modern users.
  • Advantages: Comes with built-in powerful player support, supports external players, and offers parental controls.
  • Considerations: While it offers many features, newcomers might find it slightly overwhelming at first.

Each of these alternatives offers a unique set of features and user experiences.

It’s recommended to try out a few of them to determine which aligns best with your streaming needs and personal preferences!

Final Word

Perfect Player offers a seamless way to enjoy IPTV channels. While setting up may seem complex, by following the above steps, you can have a rich television viewing experience.

Should you encounter issues or seek alternatives, there are various options available.

Whether you opt for Perfect Player or one of its worthy alternatives, the key is to ensure a seamless, enjoyable viewing experience.

Here’s to countless hours of quality streaming!